Tech addiction an ‘existential threat’

October 4, 2018

Former Google employee Tristan Harris said large tech companies have a “moral responsibility” when it comes to shaping billions of people’s attention — one he believes they are abusing in favor of profits. “We’re pointing the most powerful supercomputers in the world at our brains to suck the attention out of it,” Harris, who once […]

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We Need More From Education Technology

April 4, 2018

AMID SUSTAINED GROWTH in an education technology sector competing to put innovative digital tools in front of students, some educators are lamenting a disconnect between the products entrepreneurs are offering and what schools actually need – a rare criticism of an industry often lauded as vital to maximizing student learning potential. “I think there’s a tendency […]

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10 Must-Read Tech Sites to Stay Updated

January 4, 2018

Are you looking for the most credible voices in technology news? The rise of online publications and blogs has resulted in a flood of information regarding computers, mobile gadgets, software and operating systems. It can be difficult, however, to know which websites you can trust. Here are some of the most trusted websites; these will help […]

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